Facial Tourmaline Gel gel

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Origin:Made In China

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Company NamePingYang County FengFan Massage apparatus Factory
Country/Region:Zhe Jiang - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
Contact:Hong Xiao FenSales Manager
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Adapt to the crowd:
Prolonged computer access, watching TV, reading, driving, etc., eliminate eye fatigue, myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, etc. are very helpful, all ages;
Long-term insomnia, facial trigeminal neuralgia patients;
Eye lines, dark circles and bags under the eyes crowd.
1. Internet, watching television or reading a book while wearing a blindfold energy reduce eye fatigue;
2. Apply wrinkle essence, eye cream, then put energy goggles, in pottery crystal energy film role, help to reduce eye wrinkles, you can quickly nutrients into skin deep, eliminate dark circles;
. 3. In addition to normal wear, it can also use heat therapy and cold therapy The goggles soak 3-5 minutes 60 degrees hot to wear, can quickly eliminate eye pain and headache; uncomfortable rest of the body can be soaked in hot water at 60 degrees goggles after the paste on a painful area, we should eliminate toothache, cervical pain and other symptoms; would blindfold five minutes into the refrigerator freezer storage, reverse worn on the forehead, can play a fever, refreshing effect.
1. The formation of eye fatigue, chronic fatigue symptoms, there may be swelling with the initial reaction, the use of a few days return to normal;
2. The FDA does not contradict with eye drops, in conjunction with use;
3. Prevent the use of sharp objects piercing the product PVC film. If punctured leakage accumulator agent spilled on the skin, rinse can be used.
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