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Product Description


  • Skin renewing and resurfacing;
  • Skin tightening;
  • Acne and acne scar removal;
  • Smooth burnt scars and surgery scars, dermabrasion etc;
  • Remove intractable chloasmas and pigmentation;
  • Sun damage recovery

CO2 fractional laser system with scanner

Fractional laser is the newest and hottest laser technique in the last two years and also attracts the most attention of hairdressing technology all over the world. it is a micro-invasive treatment between invasive and noninvasive. Fractional laser was called fractional Photothermolysis with English theory, which was first expressed by Dr. Rox Anderson, a laser medicalspecialist of Harvard University, in 2004. Immediately, that was agreed by specialist all over the world and applied to the clinical treatment reapidly.

 Fractional Photothermolysis is a stretch theory of traditional Selective Photothermolysis. Not only the rapid and remarkable effect with invasive therapy, but also the advantage of less side effects and short recovery time with noninvasive.

Action principle:

Fractional laser treatment is using laser drilling tiny holes on skin evenly, which cause a series of skin biochemical reactions. Achieving refirming, tender skin and remove stain. As fractional laser treatment can only cover partial skin tissue and the new drilled holes won't overlap with each other, part of normal skin gets reserved to speed up recover. The patient will return to normal life in four or five days. The therapy itself is safe and can cure any part of the body. The indication include acne scars, stain, surgery scars, traumatic scars, scalded scars, chloasma, civatte poikiloderma, wrinkle, flabby, light aging and etc. These clinical application are used in domestic and international with confirmed efficacy.

Main features

1. with 8.4 inches large-colored touch screen. Comprehensive Operator Interfaces greatly simplify the time of learning so as to bring our client economic benefit more effectively.

2. Maximum output power of 30W, ensuring the clinical demand of maximum output power, thus safeguarding validity of a single monopulse peeling various skin organizations and best effect.

3. The unique fractional output. Application of galvanometer scanning mode actively provide as much as seven speckle patterns that guarantee each part gets evenly in the facial.

4. The unique choice of focal spot density. Doctors can choice treatment area of exfoliative organization freely, which could easily hold the patient of appeal, tolerance and postoperative complications.

5. The unique Atlantic technology. CO2 fractional laser can change to CO2 Ultra Pulse laser by switching interface easily.

 6. Equipped with various treatment tools. To satisfy different parts of the organization in different treatment needs.


Laser Type:                    Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser

Laser Wavelength:              10600nm

Laser power                   up to 40W(optional)

Light system                   7 joint arms

Pulse Duration                  100-5000us

Facula                          single mode

Focussed diameter of the beam    0.25mm

Focal area                     0.05mm2

Output form                   Ultra Pulse, fractional

Work Mode                     Intermittent loading

Scanning Mode                 Sequence, random, parallel (switchable)

Scanning Shapes               Triangle/square/rectangle/round/oval/hexagon/linear

Area of diagram                 ≤20mm*20mm

Interface Colorful Touch Screen     8.4 inch

Refrigerating system              Air-cooling, water-cooling

Input Power                      AC 230V±10%,50HZ/ AC 110V±10% 60HZ

Net weight                      50Kg

Gross weight                     62Kg

Payment Terms:T/T Western Union MoneyGram

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